Shandong Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Science Exhibition Hall

The Shandong Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Science Exhibition Hall is not only the first such permanent exhibition hall to be jointly built and supported by the China Energy Conservation Association (CECA), Shandong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, Shandong Provincial Energy Conservation Office, Jinan Municipal People's Government and the Energy Conservation Supervision Corps of Shandong Province, it is also a major initiative in a strategy to put energy conservation in place and implement emission reduction policies in Shandong Province, promote energy conservation products and develop an energy conservation service system.

The exhibition hall consists of three stories, with a total construction area of 10,800 square meters and presents 180 energy conservation technologies and products, including energy, chemicals, petroleum, transportation, construction and new energy. The exhibition hall is divided into the following areas:  Preface Hall, Shandong Province Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Achievement Area, Jinan Energy conservation and Emission Reduction Achievement Area, Shandong Major Energy Conservation Achievement Display Area, Jinan Demonstration Area of Power Demand Side Management, Industrial Furnace Energy Conservation Area, Building Energy Conservation Area and Energy Conservation Supermarket.

The exhibition hall systematically displays energy conservation products, publicizes energy conservation policies, activities such as energy conservation technology and product trade, project and technical cooperation, energy conservation training for energy-consuming enterprises and announcements of the requirements for regional investment projects. This is effected through various platforms with the aim of establishing a professional service platform for first-rate energy conservation entities and cooperation channels in China and thus maximize the benefits of energy conservation.