Recycling Zone
Recycling Zone

Cycling is the term used for the process of turning waste into re-usable material. It differs from re-use, which merely means that a product is used again.  According to information from the Environmental Protection Department, 13% of solid waste (that is waste disposed of through the garbage collection system) in the United States is re-cycled. In contrast, 14% of solid waste is for incineration, and 73% is used as landfill. Cycling is an interesting method of reducing landfill and preserving natural resources.  In the late 80 's, with the enhancement of environmental awareness, the public began to regard cycling as the key towards the protection of the environment. 
Waste heat generation is the technology enabling conversion of extra thermal energy from production processes into electric energy. The generation of waste heat is not only energy efficient, but also Waste heat generating is not only energy-efficient, but also conducive to environmental protection. The most important component of equipment in waste heat generation is the waste heat boiler (furnace).

The waste heat power generation project of Pingyin Carbon Industrial Park

The call issued by the State and Shandong Province to further energy conservation and emission reduction through the establishment of a resource-conserving and environment-friendly enterprise was responded to by the energy conservation company affiliated to the Leader Group: a project for the generation of power from waste heat from the calcinatory flue gas in Pingyin Kongcun Carbon Industrial Park was launched. Together with Ji’nan Longshan Carbon Co., Ltd and Ji’nan Huayang Carbon Co., Ltd it is currently investing in the construction of two carbon waste heat power generation projects in this Industrial Park. The first phase of construction has been completed and the commissioning phase is underway.
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